What We Treat

Common Problem Areas

- Low back pain
- Neck pain
- Headaches
- Pain or numbness in the arms or legs
- Tingling in the arms or legs
- Shoulder, elbow or hand pain
- Hip, knee or foot pain
- Sciatica
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Bursitis
- Whiplash neck injuries
- Automobile accidents
- Sports injuries

At Magill Chiropractic, we offer a wide selection of modalities to ease your pain and help you return to great health. After evaluating your specific health care problem, Dr. Magill will prescribe a specialized treatment program that may include the use of one or more of the following modalities:

- Interferential stimulation
- Intersegmental traction
- Ultrasound
- Therastim
- Trigger point therapy
- Myofascial release therapy
- Spinal decompression therapy
- Exercise prescriptions
- Rehabilitation
- Acupuncture

What is a Misalignment (Subluxation)?
Your spine is made up of 24 individual bones called vertebrae. These small bones act as a framework to protect your spinal cord from any type of impact. It is when these tiny bones move from their normal position, and push against the spinal nerves that cause a subluxation and the symptoms. You may or may not experience pain when the vertebrae is out of place, this is why it is best to be regularly checked by your chiropractor. Your body will respond much better if you are given a spinal adjustment when you are in little or no pain.

What is an adjustment?
Misaligned vertebral joints function poorly, resulting in muscle and nerve tension. To correct this situation, a Chiropractor puts specific corrective pressure at precise locations along the spine or other misaligned joint. This "manipulation" or "adjustment" process typically corrects joint alignment and mobility, relieves muscle and nerve tension, improves balance and can promote healing.

Is "cracking" your back bad for you?
When your spine is misaligned (vertebral subluxation), one hypomobile section is unable to move while another hypermobile area compensates by moving too much. That's when you may feel you need to crack or pop your neck or back. However, cracking your back doesn't adequately take care of the problem. Instead, the immobile or hypermobile area should be carefully adjusted by a chiropractor, allowing the entire spine to balance out, otherwise you will feel the need to do it again and again, making the misalignment worse.